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Alaska Investigations Group is a BBB Accredited Investigator in Anchorage, AK


Getting The Goods - Without Getting In Trouble 

By using our private investigators, insurers, employers and many other current or future litigants who have been sued, believe a suit will soon be filed against him or her, or are considering filing a lawsuit themselves; historically found that our private investigators to be an invaluable resource. From exposing a plaintiff’s personal injury case where he or she has claimed fake injuries or damages; to determining whether filing a lawsuit will be a worthwhile endeavor, our private investigators can help you strategize and naviage through the aforementioend decision making process. 

A significant portion of the benefits gleaned from our private investigators has to do with the possession of knowledge and information that the perceived opposition does not know you possess until you determine the most beneficial, practical and strategic moment and method for you to share information. Fortunately, our investigative service work is protected by "Work-Product"... which means that in order for disclosure to happen; a subpoena from an attorney or a court order from a Judge must be obtained and issued. If we are hired under an attorney, then our work is protected by the "Attorney-Client privilege" which is the best of scenarios for all clients. 

Our Unique Organization

From attorneys, executives, celebrities and representatives a strict level of discretion and confidentiality is the norm for us. Your anonymity is the Anchorage Private Investigator norm and you can rest assured that you are invisible.

Our Anchorage Private Investigators are licensed and insured. We sponsor the Alaska Association of Paralegals (AAP) and Mrs. Alaska 2013, Rachel Saldana. We are privy to intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR).

We are members of PInow, ASIS, HTCIA, PInow, the United States Association of Professional Investigators (USAPI) and the National Association of Investigative Specialists (NAIS). 

It is important to find a professional Anchorage private investigator who is with a company that you can personally trust. Our Anchorage private investigators have lived in Alaska for over 20 years. It's important to trust a local Anchorage private investigator who has references and credibility. We have expert Anchorage private investigators working for us who know the local area extreamly well. 

Advantages For Our Clients

Some potential clients wonder why they would bother with a private investigator at all if the person is essentially just a regular citizen who can only obtain evidence that would most likely be as available to any other regular citizen. However, our private eyes do have 4 major advantages for your situations:

1). Anonymity - One of the main factors that make our private investigators valuable for gathering your evidence, is that they generaly do not attract attention, look as suspicious, or as generally appear as people who should be avoided. They are strangers and this is a positive thing. For example, if you are the party suffering an inequity, then naturally the one who has wronged you will not discuss their plans or continue their potentially nefarious actions in front of you or under predictable circumstances. Although, if the PI just seems like a regular, uninterested stranger, then the chances the subject will let their guard down increase tenfold. 

Experience - Private investigators are dime a dozen; however, the chances of finding a good one is rare. Experienced PI's know how to watch and listen without violating privacy or being obtrusive; and they have the experience and resources to get complete and detailed chronological information. A non-professional (or friend/family) might make a lot of mistakes that would either give them away or fail to garner enough information to be useful and involve someone who shouldn't have been involved in the first place. 

Time - Private investigators have the a lot of time and know how to use it efficiently. If a regular person were attempting long-term surveillance or a stake-out; then it is very likely that their regular life would get in the way. They would need to go to their job, attend his or her families events or take care of personal errands. With our private investigators; our job is to provide the dedication you deserve; free from unneccessary distractions with backup contingency plans in place. 

Freedom - Many attorneys, judges, police officers and some paralegals that are involved in the legal system are bound by much more strenuous ethical rules, legal requirements and procedural rules than everyday people; such as private investigators. Attorneys and judges must also carefully follow codes of conduct and extra laws. However, a private investigator will generally have all of the regular freedoms of any other citizen, which can allow them to do things and obtain information that would be either frowned upon or against the rules for their applicable legal community. With our private investigators we have the freedom to make things happen - and so do you. 

Our Client List Is Extensive And Respectable

Only a few firms in the United States and only a handful of Anchorage private investigators can boast those kind of statements. Our Anchorage private investigators bring a decade of experience in surveillance and reconnaissance from military and law enforcement communities. Our Anchorage private investigators come from diverse backgrounds; such as, retired law enforcement, military reconnaissance, child protective services, military intelligence, federal interdiction task forces, technical GPS surveillance, surveillance cameras and electronic warfare. The police for is facing a problem of shortage of experienced officers and they have cases more than they can adequately handle. Our Anchorage private investigation firm can dedicate resources and investigators to your case. We use modern tools and methods; to include technological advances to accelerate our cases. As a Anchorage private investigations agency in Alaska; we are above the rest, and we can act according to your specific needs.

Important Client Considerations

It is important too not run out and just hire any Anchorage private investigator. A lot of the work can be done by you, but there is a lot more to this process than mere information consolidation and research. You need to be able to use what you have...  Legally. Look into your Anchorage private investigator and do your research. You need to retain a strong Anchorage private investigator and then the Anchorage private investigator needs to collaborate with your attorney (if you have one) and yourself to conduct your investigation. In best case scenarios your Anchorage private investigator is privy to admissible evidence; state statutes, local ordinances and what can and/or cannot be used in court.

The problem is that the client and/or the Anchorage private investigator tend to be undisciplined and/or, unfocused, and obtain evidence that is either not relevant or admissible. Care must be taken too not “spook” the opposing party and plans must be made to set up the case so that relevant and legal information is obtained from the investigation. When you use an Anchorage private investigator, obtaining "dirt" on the opposing party is not necessarily the goal. What you are after is specific evidence that may stand a chance in court (which can fall under very specific guidelines). It’s very frustrating to see clients spend money obtaining evidence (although it seems very legitimate) that they cannot use in court. This is very painful for people and we do not want this to happen to you.

As your Anchorage private investigator, we will be able to consult with you on what may stand a chance in court regarding exhibits. We catch cheaters, monitor teens, help the elderly, watch a nanny, protect a business, monitor employees, protect vehicles and much more...Receive high-quality Anchorage private investigators from Anchorage Investigations Group which is based in the Anchorage and Mat-Su area. Whether your tasks are large or small, we can provide the resources and solutions you need to get the job done right.

Our track record for consistency, reasoning, keen judgment, timely, service, and subject matter expertise make your insurmountable tasks easy for us to overcome. We are your Anchorage private investigator. We are not your typical cliche private investigator that acts and behaves like a wannabe police officer. The truth is, we have no authority; however, that's a good thing. We know the boundaries and limits and the importance of knowing how to mitigate legal risks for our cases.

Our style is this. We support you. We will save your money, energy and sleep. We will act as your ally. Just because you think you may have "evidence" does not necessarily mean that it will hold up in court or help your case.  As your Anchorage private investigator, we take pride in producing results and making sure our clients are well informed.

The bottom line is this: We cut to the chase. Evidence is critical to your case's success; however, will your evidence be admitted in your case, fall under hearsay objections or be relevant? As your Anchorage private investigator, that's where we step in. With our agency supporting you as your Anchorage private investigator - your case will succeed. You'll save thousands in attorney fees and save yourself substantial emotional hardship. Time is of the essence and you must use our Anchorage private investigators aggressively. Key evidence may be passing your by at this very moment and you may not even realize it.

You will see that the Anchorage private investigator will be passionate and tentative aggressive with your case. Our Anchorage private investigator will care and communicate as much as needed. The Anchorage private investigator will initiate all known procedures and risk management techniques to provide you the best investigation possible. 

Furthermore, we specialize in family law investigations; such as, cheating spouses, cheating boyfriends, cheating girlfriends, tense child custody case investigations, visitation compliance, supervisor compliance, protective orders and/or restraining orders compliance.

Our Anchorage private investigator is well diversified and a jack of all trades.

Our Anchorage private investigator can innovate when nobody else can.

Our Anchorage private investigator is known to handle emotional and stressful situations under duress and perform to the highest standards in the state of Alaska.

Our Anchorage private investigator is your solution to your problem. Our Anchorage private investigator can only be a benefit to your situation as experienced by our current clients. The Anchorage private investigator is detail oriented and realizes the need for specifics and tact. Our Anchorage private investigator has the best technical tools on the market to give you the most accurate and expedient results possible. The Anchorage private investigator supports criminal, civil, private and pre-trial litigations. 

Bottom Line: When you hire us, you hire the best Anchorage private investigator in Alaska.  


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